A Catalyst for Sustainable Living

Welcome to the SPARKS - Sustainable Living Centres' home page, which introduces you to a mixture of sustainable living projects, micro businesses and learning experiences originally developed through our zero carbon office at Stoneleigh Park, and now under construction on land off Harbury Lane, south of Leamington Spa. All of the ideas are free for you to copy and develop where you live and if you need further information or advice then please ask.

You are welcome to visit us, but by appointment only and please consider your carbon footprint in getting to us.

Sustainable...development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need. Extract: Brundtland Report 1987

SPARKS - Sustainable Living Centres Philosophy

2017 is a significant year for the human species as the effects of climate change become more evident and we work to meet the challenge to reduce carbon dioxide production while trying to maintain the lifestyle we have come to enjoy. The conundrum of sustainable living!

The growing SPARKS team believe in collective working to combine resources and expertise and demonstrate simple solutions to living sustainably and seeking an environmentally friendly future for our children.

Last updated 13 May 2017
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